About Wendy Heijne

Cycling, but without a helmet. Queuing at the bakery but still forgetting to take a 'nummerlapp'. Visiting the 'Skärgården' uncomfortably but well-dressed in high heels and a silk dress. That's me, a Dutch designer embracing the Swedish lifestyle.

With over 10 years of work experience for one of the biggest retailers in the world (H&M) I can truly say that I know about commercial fashion. The creative part I developed during my BA education in Holland. For the emphasis on experimental design and creative process during this time I still am grateful as I have picked the fruits during my career. I have always have had a passion for the experimental and artistic side of fashion design. For me this is the ground and condition for commercial and democratic design. One doesn't go without the other.

At the moment I am living my dream. After all these years being employed I decided to realize my own vision on fashion and I start my own brand. I wanted to create a brand for the future: sustainable and with a new perspective on fashion. That was how Studio Heijne was born. According to me, the future of fashion lies in personalised products. Read more about the concept behind Studio Heijne on the website www.studioheijne.com. (go to “About”)

I hope to see you you soon on my website!

xxx Wendy